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In these posts you’ll find strategies and tactics for communicating in person, in print and online, with an emphasis on content marketing and storytelling, content curation, social media and multimedia, particularly podcasting, from Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications. If it’s your first time here, please consider subscribing via RSS or email so that you’ll be sure to catch every post. Thanks for stopping by!


Advice for new bloggers

They say you learn when you teach, and I find this to be true. From January to April I taught Audio Journalism at Sheridan College; I’ll return next winter. This semester I’m at the University of Toronto as an instructor in Digital Communications Strategy

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New workshop! Sound Matters

Have you thought about using audio on your website or blog but don’t know where to start? Have you produced in-house videos that were marred by lousy sound? Is a podcast on your marketing to-do list? Then come to the Sound Matters workshop on

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Top 5 social media questions

Working in social media and communications, I get questions. Lots of questions. Here are the top five things people ask me, for this week ‘s marketing tip.

 1. How can I avoid spending an excessive amount of time on social media?
Social media can indeed be a time suck, in two ways. You might find an interesting link on Facebook, click through to the publication, and then spot six more things you’d like to read, then four more, and so on. Before you know it, an hour has passed and you’ re not entirely sure why you ‘re watching a cat video.

At the same time, you will be curating and sharing content. A few tricks can help you save many minutes.

You can streamline your perusal of social media by limiting the time you allow yourself to freely traverse the social media world. What works for me is a half hour first thing in the morning, followed by short bursts of social media goodness several more times later in the day, then perhaps in the evening during my “down” time. TweetDeck is my preferred tool for organizing my Twitter stream so I can see my various lists and hashtag searches at a glance.

As for publishing posts, I love Buffer, which allows me to queue up a bunch of items in the early morning and spool them out during the day. I always caution clients against over-automating, but Buffer can be a very handy tool.

You’ ll find more tips in this post on “How to find and share great content.”

2. We hired someone

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