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In these posts you’ll find strategies and tactics for communicating in person, in print and online, with an emphasis on content marketing and storytelling, content curation, social media and multimedia, particularly podcasting, from Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications. If it’s your first time here, please consider subscribing via RSS or email so that you’ll be sure to catch every post. Thanks for stopping by!


The Hands-on Social Media Workshop returns to Toronto

Ready for fall? Most of us in the Toronto area are dealing with hot humid weather, so fall should seem like a relief. If you ‘ve been struggling with understanding social media, my next Hands-on Social Media workshop  may also be a relief to you.

I’ve been running this workshop for a few years (although I update it every time). Many of the people who attend say they’ re fed up with trying to figure out social media on their own. Or, they ‘ve been hoodwinked by some of the “social media snake oil” people out there, who promise fame and riches if you’ ll just let them

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Marketing with social content

If you want to use social media to expand your marketing reach, knowing how to retweet or post to a Facebook page won’t help much. To achieve success, you need a vibrant personal brand, a marketing strategy and a process for producing and sharing

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The podcasting tip sheet

Over the years I ‘ve created many resources around podcasting. In this post, I’ ve gathered together some of my most useful tips. Please leave a comment if you find these helpful.

Podcasting definition
A podcast is an audio file that can be shared on the Internet, and played on a desktop or laptop

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